Heating Your Home With Your Pond

Beautiful pond which is the source of warmth using a heat pump.

Do you have a pond on your property? If so, you probably enjoy the natural beauty it adds to your lifestyle. Maybe you appreciate being visited by waterfowl. Maybe you even use it for swimming or fishing. But, in addition to these uses, did you know you can transform your pond into a heating/cooling source for your home? With pond-source heat pumps, you can harvest natural heat from the bottom of your pond and transfer it into your home.

How Do Pond-Source Heat Pumps Work?

If your pond is eligible for use as a heat source, it will have a near constant temperature on its floor. A pipe circulates a water-and-antifreeze solution from your home to the bottom of your pond, continuously looping. As the liquid circulates, it harvests heat. Once it reaches your home, it gets compressed, and circulating, provides you and your family with heat. During warmer months, the system reverses its process, collecting heat from inside your home and flushing it outside.

How Can I Own a Pond-Source Heat Pump?

Before getting a pond-source heat pump installed, you’ll need to have an experienced technician inspect your home. During the visit, your technician will be able to determine if your pond can adequately heat your home. Generally, your pond should be at least ten feet deep at its lowest point and a minimum of half an acre around. If your pond is the correct size, and you decide to go forward with the planning, the next step is installation. A team of technicians, like ours at Woodard Cooling and Heating, will dig an underground trench from your home to your pond, connecting a water-source heat pump to the loop system.

What Are the Benefits of Pond-Source Heat Pumps?

Pond-source heat pumps have a number of benefits over traditional HVAC systems. Here are a few:

  1. All-in-one, year-round heating and cooling
    Even if your pond freezes over, the water-source heat pump will continue to transfer heat into your home. On the other hand, air-source heat pumps often can’t operate effectively in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In cooler climates, they usually need to be supplemented with a furnace or boiler. However, your loop system should give you all the heating and cooling you need, no matter the temperature.
  2. Energy savings
    Pond-source heat pumps require no gas or fuel and significantly less electricity than almost any other HVAC system. For that reason, you’ll see a huge decrease in your electric bill if you’re making the switch from another type of heating-and-cooling unit. In fact, a loop system heat pump can cut your bill by up to 70 percent.
  3. Financial incentives
    Water-source heat pumps are often eligible for rebates and tax deductions, since they are a sustainable product. Talk to your technician about what financial incentives you might qualify for with your purchase.
  4. Eco friendly
    Water-source heat pumps aren’t just good for your home, they’re good for the environment. Water-looping technology is the most sustainable HVAC system on the market, since it uses a minimal amount of resources.

Want to use your pond to provide you with home comfort? Call Woodard Cooling and Heating at 270-827-2665 today for more information. You can also request service online. We provide heating-and-cooling solutions for residents of Henderson, KY, and surrounding communities.

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Need HVAC Service?

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or 270-827-COOL!

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