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Heat Pump Articles

Geothermal Basics

December 10, 2019
Home's Geothermal Layout

In this day and age when everyone is concerned about the world’s limited resources and the impact of energy usage on the environment, it’s encouraging to know sustainable solutions are being developed and improved upon. Geothermal heating is one of those technologies that holds the potential to significantly change the way you heat your Henderson home.…

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What Is the Value of a Geothermal Heat Pump to My Home?

November 15, 2019
Geothermal Heat Pump

Any time a Henderson homeowner is considering a major investment in a new system or major appliance, it’s natural to wonder what the overall value of the investment will be. Our professionals at Woodard Cooling and Heating suggest you look at value from a few different angles to determine the answer: the initial cost and…

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Heating Your Home With Your Pond

April 9, 2019
Beautiful pond which is the source of warmth using a heat pump.

Do you have a pond on your property? If so, you probably enjoy the natural beauty it adds to your lifestyle. Maybe you appreciate being visited by waterfowl. Maybe you even use it for swimming or fishing. But, in addition to these uses, did you know you can transform your pond into a heating/cooling source…

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What Is a Heat Pump and How Does It Work?

December 21, 2018
A green branch encircles a blue house.

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, from inside to outside or from outside to inside. In the winter this device works like a heater, extracting heat energy from outside and transferring it inside. In the summer the process reverses and it removes heat from your home and…

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