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What Are Zone Control Systems?

January 15, 2021

A zone control system can help with your home’s comfort level and also lower your energy bills.

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Man Troubleshooting Thermostat

Tips to Troubleshoot Your Thermostat

December 29, 2020

If your heating or cooling system suddenly stops working in your home, it could be your thermostat. Here are some expert tips.

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Hot Cartoon Thermometer

Is My Furnace Overheating?

December 15, 2020

We want to keep our customers in the know about overheating furnaces. Our team has compiled the following information for you.

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Air Purifier

The Infinity Air Purifier Inactivates 99% of Coronavirus Trapped In the Filter

November 30, 2020

You’ve been spending a lot more time inside lately. The Infinity air purifier helps inactivate pathogens, including the coronavirus.

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Man Replacing Smoke Alarm Batteries

Video – When Do I Need to Replace the Batteries in My Smoke Detector?

November 13, 2020

Change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors when you change your clocks for daylight savings. It’s important for your safety!

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WiFi Thermostat

Video – Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Cost-Effective?

October 7, 2020

Why are you heating and cooling your home when you’re not there? Controlling your thermostat while away is an effective energy improvement you can make.

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Wrenches and Bolts

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

September 24, 2020

Need advice for maintaining your home’s heat pump? We are happy to share the following information and tips to help you out.

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Carbon Monoxide

Video – What Is Carbon Monoxide?

September 16, 2020

What is carbon monoxide? Our team wants you to know the dangers of carbon monoxide and what you can do to protect your home from it.

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Woman Sneezing

What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With Allergies?

August 27, 2020

Do you know the relation between indoor air quality and allergies? Our team wants to help keep your air quality high and healthy.

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Thermostat ON or AUTO

Video – Should I Set My Thermostat to ON or AUTO?

August 19, 2020

Is it best to set your thermostat to ON or AUTO? Our team suggests trying a combination of the two settings.

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